Vine vs. Instagram Video

Recently, Facebook’s Instagram released an update that allows users to take short videos, which is in direct competition with Twitter’s social video app Vine. Both apps are extremely similar, in fact to the untrained eye they may seem to be … Continued

Hiring with LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become not only a great place to look for jobs and post a public resume, but it’s also become a great tool for business looking to hire. Potential employees are now literally right at your fingertips, and it … Continued

SEO News: Google

In an industry like SEO, the rules of the game are changing constantly. It’s important to keep up with what’s happening, whether it’s new search engine rules or new techniques. Here’s the latest story we found interesting, and it concerns … Continued

5 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

A logo is the best way for clients instantly recognize your brand. Regardless of your industry, having a precise, simple logo is necessary for having instant recognizability among your clients. Putting too much thought, or not enough, into the design … Continued

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

When businesses dive into social media, they can be overwhelmed and confused. Twitter provides a very succinct platform: you’ve got 140 characters to make a point that will intrigue, engage and entertain your target market. Many times, businesses can get … Continued

5 Blogging Misconceptions

The world of blogging and content marketing can be difficult to manage and sometimes seem useless- but it’s one of the most important aspects of SEO and is extremely helpful in driving content to your site. Over the years, blogging … Continued

4 Mobile App Design Tips

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5 Common SEO Myths

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How HARO Helps Businesses

If you haven’t heard of HARO (Help A Reporter Out), your business needs to start checking it out. HARO connects journalists with sources for a wide variety of subjects. Whatever your business’ industry, there’s a reporter out there who needs … Continued