Design + Life

Design thinking has proven to make business more innovative. This means asking the right questions, testing solutions, then refining those findings. The design process can be applied to living to create a more fulfilling life. Like design, you are never … Continued

7 Marketing Agency Sly Moves

Some marketing agencies are run by scumbags. Here’s how to identify and avoid the agencies that plan to treat you poorly. Scumbags are more interested in getting your money than they are in providing a valuable service.

Demystifying Creativity

Generating creative ideas can be daunting. The white page looms and anxiety sets in. I’ve been there and know it is frustrating. But before you panic, remember that all projects start with a foundation. Even the most innovative design comes … Continued

Branding through Color

Picking and using your brand colors shouldn’t be a game of “what’s my favorite color?” Instead, it should involve a little brand soul searching. Matching your brand mission, goals, and values to color choice and usage are essential to effective … Continued

Design for User Experience

Information is the lifeblood of design. Without information, design is useless. Web users do not spend as much time focusing on fonts and colors as designers would like to believe. They want information. Fellow designers, I am with you; I … Continued

The Marketing of You

Marketing is everywhere. From the time we wake up and enjoy our first cup of Folger’s coffee to the time we brush our teeth with Colgate Optic White toothpaste and hop into our Tempurpedic bed, we are delivered thousands of … Continued